Referenzen Christian Pohl GmbH, Fassadensystem: POHL Europanel, Aluminium, Eiffelturm

Eiffel Tower

The Red Pavilions over the Champ de Mars

  • Location: Paris, France
  • Architect: Agence Moatti-Rivière
  • Facade system: POHL Europanel®
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Details: The roofs and facade surfaces of the pavilion are cladded with large-formal POHL Europanels that were, due to the structures' sloping geometry, first designed for a 3D-model and then cut 1:1 by laser. The manufacturer had the aluminum sheets anodized and stained in a special procedure using adsorptive dyeing that achieved the very special - and also long-lasting - effects defined by the architects. Depending on the natural light conditions prevailing, the color impression alternates between a very intensive red and a simple, plain bronze color.