POHL Europanel®

When vertically structured surfaces need to convey a serene, organic impression, POHL Europanel® is the panel of choice. Regardless of the material or surface selected, the rounded edges of the wall panels create a clean joint pattern with soft shading.

And POHL Europanel® also offers impressive functionality with many clever details. The highly versatile substructure profiles can be installed in many different ways. They ensure drainage while reliably channeling rainwater at the same time – with no wear-prone seals whatsoever. In addition to making installation fast and easy, special suspension clips also decouple the panels from the substructure, so movement due to thermal expansion and contraction remains silent. The installation frame system itself can be arranged either in a concealed or visible configuration. Designers can use this to technically accentuate an area’s visual impact.

POHL Europanel® not only serves as an attractive facade, but also exhibits its decorative and functional effect in interior spaces – in the form of an acoustic wall, for example.