City Plaza Wuppertal

Outstanding architecture is not only found in major cities. Since 2018, the new City Plaza Wuppertal welcomes its visitors with a glamorous facade made of chatoyant brass tones. Based on a design by Yvonne von Salm (Chapman Taylor), an individual facade concept made of brass composite panels with a POHL Bronze Vibration finish was developed in collaboration with POHL.

The City Plaza is the new shopping center at Wuppertal's main train station. The building project was already awarded the polis AWARD for urban and real estate development in the category "Reactivated Centers" during the planning phase. The award recognizes projects that make a contribution to the public good of a city through their own framework.

The façade of light yet stable elements originates from the POHL Group's production halls in Cologne - here the brass composite panels were vibration pre-sanded, patinated and lacked to preserve the surface. Furthermore, the facade panels were partly punched with square holes, giving the building a certain lightness.

The wave form of the building, which is created by the arrangement of the panels, playfully picks up the drapery of fabrics and thus creates a connection to the history of the city. In the immediate vicinity of the new building runs the well-known textile trading street "Hofaue" - from there textile products were sold all over the world until the 1960s.
"City Plaza Wuppertal"; Brass individual facade | © Valéry Kloubert
"City Plaza Wuppertal"; indivudal brass facade solution | © Valéry Kloubert

Project data

City Plaza Wuppertal
Chapman Taylor, Düsseldorf
Metal facade combines living and parking